Rob Pearce (non-registered)(non-registered)
Hi Bob. Great to see the noisy and wonderfully smoky G2 and G3 pics! I spent many a weekend at Luton during the late 80's and thru 90's, and got quite a few pics when these were a little more "mainstream". Have G4 and G5 pics too, though sadly all my negatives got destroyed in a flooding accident within my home. So great care is taken now of the prints I have! Keep up the good work..
Frederick K. Larkin(non-registered)
Bob, congratulations on this wonderful collection of Gulfstream images. It effectively depicts the pleasing lines of the most elegant family of business aircraft. As such, it serves as a brilliant resource for corporate aviation-related research. Cheers,
Ted in Toronto
Remo Garone(non-registered)
So nice to see a website dedicated to my favorite bizjet !
Very well done... Congrats and many thanks to the admin(s) for that great job.
Kind regards.
very neat site , with great information which is appreciated .thanks for all your efforts
Hi Bob...

Great to see the site back up and is and has been my first point of call with any info or help i need identifying Gulfy's and the new site if just as or even better than the last. Great format and quick loading images..and pics of just about every Gee frame in the have acheived a lot with this site and i know it provides many of us Gulfy lovers many hours of great viewing!

Keep em coming mate

Chris Hughes(non-registered)
Great site, thanks for all the hard work in putting it together.
Gary Kelderman(non-registered)
Awesome photos Mr. Holland. I see Luton is a place I need to visit.
All the best
Patrick McDermott(non-registered)
Hello Bob,

Glad to see the Gulfs are back online. Still waiting to see the outcome of Fotopic and hoping to get all my photos back, before I start a new site.

Jason Hamm Photography(non-registered)
So glad to see your Gulfstream photos back up!!
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